A Hybrid Perhaps

I am considering a new car this year or next. One of the big points to consider is fuel cost over the next few years. I believe that we will look back on the early 21st century as a time of cheap gas. With that in mind I am looking at the available and soon…

Dell Laser Printer 1100 Reviewed

BIOS Tech Guides has reviewed Dell’s brand-new low-cost laser printer. The printer is low cost but it delivers high performance and good print quality. There are some problems, no network connection, no auto duplexing, no MacOSX support and on 2MB of RAM. But for the price, this greyscale laser printer is tough to beat. Hopefully…

HR-2 Mini-Robot

Almir Heralic at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden has created a cool little robot. It looks huge, but don’t be fooled by the picture. This little robot has full fluid movement, a neural net, speech functions and stereo vision coupled with facial recognition and tracking capabilities. Now how to get one? Oh, be…

Beam Me Up

I always hoped that Scotty would find a way to lock himself in an eternal transporter loop…alas I guess he never figured it out. We’ll miss you Scotty…. As seen on Wil Wheaton’s site. Read the geek commentary at Slashdot.

Four Tank Treads

I have gone back into the RobotThoughts Lego Robot Database and pulled out some of my favorite Robot designs. This Lego Mindstorms chassis was one of my favorite and most versitle. It had good clearance and lots of tourque.

July 2005 Pictures and Movies

The July 2005 Pictures include the retirement of the Tom’s Snack truck, the 4th of July Fireworks extravaganza and Anna’s birthday. Also, check out the whole directory of movies we took of the fireworks and other July events.