Remote Control Lawn Mowing

Right now I have a riding lawn mower. A beautiful John Deere L120 Lawn Tractor in fact. But all that riding and cutting is really tough because I am out in the heat. I would prefer to prop a chair up inside of the bay windows at the front of our house and cut the…

August 2005 Screenshot

This month’s screenshot features my dual monitor setup. Yes, the screen is 2560×1024 or 2 19″ monitors wide 🙂 I realized that I had enough LCD monitors laying around that just by shifting some equipment, I could go dualie.


It sounds like a crazy idea, build a beer dispensing robot that tracks how much you drink, you blood alchol content, your calories and unleash it upon an unsuspecting DEFCON. The results are pure genius and something every beer drinking hacker should aspire to build. via Make: Blog

iRobot to Go Public

If you are a big fan of the Roomba or you just bought a few Military Style Packbots, you might think that owning a piece of the robotic future would be prudent. Forbes thinks you would be wrong. via Make: Blog