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I’ve recently been looking at building instruments using a 3D printer. I’ve been playing the guitar for over 40 years but most of the builds for 3D printed guitars seemed a little daunting as a place to start.

I found a couple of 3D printed ukuleles that looked like quicker one day builds. I finally settled on chuckbobuck’s soprano ukulele found on Thingiverse.

I built a few to get started and found that instead of the friction tuning pegs used for his design, I wanted geared tuners. I originally used a drill to widen the mount points for the geared tuners, but that weakened the mount points. Once I had decided on the size of the new holes, I modified the left and right ukulele halves with larger, reinforced mounting holes. I have liked the original design, download those STLS, and then I linked my modified parts.

The parts list and STLs are linked below.

Parts List:

Ukulele Tuning Pegs: or

Soprano Ukulele Strings:

M6 x 1MM Hex Lock Nuts:

M6 x 35MM Bolts:

#6 x 1/2″ Flat Head Wood Screw:

M6 x 75MM Bolt (Acts as a Truss):

Ukulele Strap:

Download the STLs:

Original design:

Modified for geared tuning pegs:


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