Four Tank Treads

I have gone back into the RobotThoughts Lego Robot Database and pulled out some of my favorite Robot designs. This Lego Mindstorms chassis was one of my favorite and most versitle. It had good clearance and lots of tourque.

The Train Plunge

I have put together a small train station, an unfinished engine, a mindstorms carrying box car and a small freight car with freight. Let me know what you think!

Rolling Tank Cars

I have been working on some rolling stock for my train layout. I found that the round parts from the 7106 Droid Escape Pod cried out for a tank car and since I had a few of those kits…

Another Tank Car

Another Tank Car from the 7106 Droid Escape Pod. Looking at these two versions of the Droid Escape Tank Car(tm) inspired me to try another variation.

Tank Car

I finally managed to finish the detail on my two versions of the tank car. The first version is a standard grey tank car using 7106 Droid Escape Pod parts. The grey car is three “pod segements” long. The second car uses the same set but the white parts have been sanded to remove the…

Stronger Synchro Drive

Usually when building a synchro drive, the power shaft that goes down through the middle of the turntable somtimes gives way in rough terrain. Using a Lego gear box, I have made the power shaft more capable. Here is a pic: