HR-2 Mini-Robot

Almir Heralic at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden has created a cool little robot. It looks huge, but don’t be fooled by the picture. This little robot has full fluid movement, a neural net, speech functions and stereo vision coupled with facial recognition and tracking capabilities. Now how to get one? Oh, be…

Palm Pilot Holonomic Robot

A few years back I built a Killlough Platform Lego Robot that turned into a very fun project and a very interesting robotic platform. Well, now the Killough Platform has a new name, the holonomic drive system. Versions of this type of drive system are popping up all over the internet.


Would you like to build a humanoid biped robot for cheap? Would you like the software to be GPL’d and open to your changes? Then PINO may be the platform for you.

Modular Robots

The Xerox Parc group is delving deep into Modular Robots. I would like to see this type of robot made into kits that we can buy. It would be like Lego on steroids.