Remote Control 8448 SuperCar

But it wasn’t perfect yet…

8448 SuperCar
I bought an early
Christmas present for myself. A 8448
Street Sensation. The one thing it
lacked was the ability to drive it around
the house. With a little help from
Bob Fay
and some tinkering,
I got it going.

This is one good
looking car and a fun model to
build. I love the 5-speed gears and
the moving V-8.

On the bottom I
added a geared motor for steering and a
geared motor for rear wheel power.

Here is a closer
shot with the steering motor mount
partially removed. You can
also barely see (under the yellow
plate) an angle sensor to
control the steering remotely.

Bob Fay helped me
realize that only the gull wing
design would hold an

The remote was
simple, a steering wheel made from an angle
sensor and two touch sensors. One
sensor for forward, one sensor for
reverse and with no touch sensor pushed
the car doesn’t move.
Here is NQC code for
the remote and the car.

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