Four Tank Treads

I have gone back into the RobotThoughts Lego Robot Database and pulled out some of my favorite Robot designs. This Lego Mindstorms chassis was one of my favorite and most versitle. It had good clearance and lots of tourque.

Four Tread

I have been looking for a way to
eliminate the difficulty of turning and ground clearance
problems of a regular treaded tank. This design seems to solve
most of the treaded vehicle problems.

Four Tread

This chassis uses four treads turned 90 degrees.

Worm gears drive the treads.

Four Tread

This design has exceptional ground clearance.

You can see the worm gears mounted on twoTechnic triangle panels. I have instructions
on how to build this design below.

This is a versatile chassis, so I played around with some possibilities. Here I
mounted a pneumatic arm on the front.

Just a detail of the pneumatic switch controller in the back.

With so much clearance underneath, I could mount an air compressor.

Or a simpler design with light sensors that can roam about freely.

Here is an Mpeg movie of this robot in action.

This is the code I use to drive the light sensor version.