Remote Control Lawn Mowing

Right now I have a riding lawn mower. A beautiful John Deere L120 Lawn Tractor in fact. But all that riding and cutting is really tough because I am out in the heat. I would prefer to prop a chair up inside of the bay windows at the front of our house and cut the grass in air conditioned comfort.

Well, as I read from the Weed Eaters Central magazine, I realized my dream of abject laziness has just hit another milestone with the announcement of the Remote Control Lawn Mower ($2299). The RCLM 2006 S-Class (The S makes is faster) sports a 22-inch mulch blade for destroying everything in its wake, gas engine, alternator, two independent rear motors with speed control, has a zero turning radius and rear wheel tree guard shield, as well as a wireless electric starter. You also get an FM radio control, which is helpful.


via the GadgetryBlog

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