Lego Mindstorms NXT Holonomic Drive – Killough Platform – Rev 1

I have been working on a few different designs for a holonomic drive robot. A true platform like the other killough platforms made from Lego would probably contain wheels that rotate differently, but I wanted to publish this design because it is interesting.

I tried two different versions that you can see in the movie below. One version uses wheels but I also built this platform into a three legged walker.

The walker configuration is shown in the pictures, the video shows both versions.


I also set up a simple collision detection loop for this robot using the ultrasonic sensor.


Head on shot:


The undercarriage is a fairly sturdy triangle.


Bigger pictures can be found in my Lego Mindstorms NXT Picture gallery.

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8 Responses

  1. Robolab 2.9 says:

    Hey! That looks a LOT like mine here:
    Even the base is nearly the same! Yours works better though…
    What did you program it with?

    Robolab 2.9

  2. Rich says:

    Wow, damn near identical layout except I put the brace pieces on top of the frame and provided a little extra bracing in the center. I don’t know how many different times you tried to design the base, but I tried 10 designs before I finished that one.

    I just used the base lego mindstorms software to program it. I guess I will post the program when I get rev 2 finished.

    I like your feet idea better so I tried them in a triangle configuration that worked pretty well. I guess you will see when I post rev 2.

    BTW, once I approved your comment all your future comments should show up automatically.

    Great minds think alike 🙂

  3. Robolab 2.9 says:

    I guess I was just used to Lego because as soon as I ripped open the packaging to the NXT set, I started to work out the triangle base (I had already planned this as my first project), and I got it in my first shot!

    I had the Robolab 2.9 software because I got it from my FLL order and I was used to it.

    Yeah, I do like my triangular leg configuration, except it caused it to go so fast that I had to add wheels on the bottom to cause it to not slip 🙂 Got them from my RIS 2.0.

    It was origanally with wheels, but it turned out that my wheels (the only kind I had 6 off, the NXT wheels) did not slip well enough. As I thought of another way to travel, I saw ‘Spike’ the Scorpion on the box and I built a simple version of the legs off of it and snapped ’em on. I had plenty of them too. (Hey, only 4 NXTs – 3 retail, 1 educational)

    Yay! I inspired someone!

    My name on the NXTasy fourm is Robolab 2.9 by the way. I believe your name is Rich? Ironic, my true name is Richard 🙂

    Robolab 2.9

  4. Rich says:

    Hehe, yeah great Richards think alike. I wish I had hit that design on my first try. I usually revise my robots multiple times before I post them. My current project (a multipurpose platform) has been through 10 or so revisions in the past few days.

  5. Robolab 2.9 says:

    The only real revisions I’ve really made to the building of the robot is to adjust gear trains. In programming, the first program tends to always wants to tear apart my robot *sigh…*. But I enjoy the prgramming more, so I don’t mind, and my Dad was a computer program debugger, so…

    FLL is the only reason I’ve actually revised a robot. Our team’s robot was majorly modified at least 50 times.


  6. HolonomicFanatic says:

    hey rich, i built my own holonomic drive train but i have no idea how to program it, could you post the program please? i might need to change around some stuff to adapt to my design but i will still give credit where credit is due.


  7. Sheriff says:

    These robots are great but our school is still working with old RCX 1.0

  8. Brian says:

    nice job, im going to make one for a nxt bot battle me and my friends r doing, and im going to armor it up. can u send some instruction? its kinda hard to read the pictures here. XD

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